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GCM’s headquarters are located in Rowayton, CT, a suburb of New York City. Most employees commute by train or by car from the local area or New York City. Many GCM Rowayton employees live in New York City and commute by train (approximately 1 hour train ride from Grand Central Terminal). Employees also live in surrounding towns in Fairfield County, Connecticut, which is home to several of the largest investment institutions in the world.

What it means to be a...


Competitive Salary + Bonus

We seek to offer employees competitive compensative packages that acknowledge and reward individuals for outstanding performance.

Collegial Work Environment

GCM promotes collaboration across different departments and is committed to building a diverse, highly talented team.

Opportunities to Advance

Potential for individuals to develop and learn, growing their careers over time.


Headquartered in the scenic town of Rowayton, CT located just outside of New York City with nearby access to major transit hubs. Offices also located in London and West Palm Beach.

Full Suite of Benefits

Including comprehensive health insurance, vision and dental insurance, paid vacation, 401K and educational assistance.

Work-Life Balance

While we take pride in a rigorous, stimulating work environment, we believe in a healthy balance. We provide onsite fitness and dining facilities, recreational activities, and social activities such as weekly summer barbeques and monthly happy hours.

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Please follow the links below to apply for a specific position and for additional information.
Please contact hr@grahamcapital.com with any questions.

GCM is an equal opportunity employer.
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Employee Insights

Investor Relations Professional
"I came to Graham right out of college- I had very little understanding about the firm or the broader industry. My background was not in finance but rather in creative writing – which I think speaks to Graham’s open-minded approach to hiring. The firm seeks unique talent and work ethic, and values contribution over simple pedigree. Over my 14-year tenure with the firm, Graham has succeeded in maintaining a small firm feel, family-like and collaborative culture while developing the infrastructure necessary to support the business and investors."
Financial Reporting Professional
"Time really flies when you are having fun. I have been working at Graham for more than 15 years, yet it feels much shorter. During these years, I have worked in different roles with growing responsibilities within the Financial Reporting department. I am thankful for the trust and support given to me. The experiences I have gained are irreplaceable and invaluable to my career growth. My work never becomes mundane. Instead, each day presents new challenges to conquer and provides new opportunities to learn. I truly enjoy working with so many intelligent and dedicated people in such a friendly environment."
Quantitative Researcher
"I started working at Graham just after finishing my PhD in physics. Transitioning directly from academia, it's hard to imagine a better environment. The research team is varied and growing, with experts from all areas of pure and applied mathematics, engineering, physics, and other fields. On a daily basis, I get to work on challenging and subtle problems, where we're bringing to bear modern statistical and machine learning methods. Compared with academia, the pace is faster, and the ability to be directly involved with every step of the systematic trading process – from the design to the implementation and execution of our models – gives you a unique attachment to the fruits of your labor."
Quantitative Researcher
"I joined Graham in March 2016, coming from a Quantitative Analyst role in investment banking, and having decided that a smaller firm in a more specialized area of finance would better suit my interests. After just 6 months here, I can say that I really enjoy the environment and the work: people are smart and friendly with very diverse backgrounds, and I have the opportunity to focus on reading research in the field, coding, and learning new techniques for extracting and exploiting insights from data. I had been told that the grass is most likely not greener on the other (buy) side - but I am glad to say that in this instance it certainly is!"

Discretionary Portfolio Manager




"I have been a PM at Graham for nearly ten years. I feel that ten years in the same seat is a rare occurrence in this industry. Many of my colleagues across the broader investment community have had four or five jobs in the same time span. Yet, there are several portfolio managers at Graham who can boast the same tenure or longer. While of course there is normal turnover at Graham, the fact that a group of us have had such stability in a turbulent investment environment speaks volumes about the culture of Graham. There are no huge personalities dominating the investment process. The platform, while always hungry for more alpha, has been stable during various market cycles. Management has been incredibly encouraging in letting my investment process develop and evolve over the years. I believe that if I hadn’t been given the freedom to adapt with the market, I may not have survived recent market cycles. Pretty much every tool and support is provided to the PMs seamlessly. Lastly, there is a strong conviviality among the PMs. While, at times, I could have the exact opposite position as a colleague, we can discuss our rationale for the position and try to help one another. I believe these attributes make Graham a very unique and great work environment.”

Chief Executive Officer



"One of the things that makes Graham unique is our dedication to the professional growth of our people. Internal training, involvement in industry wide events and every day on-the-job mentoring all combine to provide an environment where people can set goals for their professional development and then receive the necessary support to the reach those goals. Throughout my career at Graham, the firm has provided me the opportunities to continually learn new things and be involved in so many different aspects of our business. From helping manage the operational complexities of trading in a diverse universe of financial instruments, to being part of our ongoing developmental efforts to build and maintain the best processes and internal controls, each day brings a new opportunity for professional growth and a chance to contribute to the overall success of our firm. As a member of the firm’s Investment, Risk and Compliance committees, I feel I am in a position to add value to our firm and our clients. I also enjoy the role I play in helping the firm attract and retain the best talent by applying a thoughtful approach to the management of our people and their careers."


Our 2023 GCM Summer Internship application is now open. Please apply here and contact coshea@grahamcapital.com with any questions.   

Why do we do it?

The firm recognizes the importance of educating and preparing students for their next steps as professionals post-graduation. With this in mind, we welcome a group of talented undergraduate interns every summer across numerous departments ranging from quantitative research to risk management, technology, investor relations and operations including accounting and middle office. The internship program is inspired by the firm’s mission statement, wherein we prioritize communication, collaboration, and innovation.

What are we looking for?

Intern candidates are subject to a rigorous interview process that typically involves in-person discussions with various department heads and/or senior members of each team. Interns are selected based on skillset and current demand by respective departments. We are looking for bright, innovative thinkers who work hard and prioritize excellence in all their endeavors.

What do interns do?

During the summer internship, students work both independently as well as together on group projects within their respective teams and across departments. They get exposure to senior management through regular ‘lunch and learns’ with department heads where they learn about the different functional teams within a hedge fund as well as learn about our firm amidst the broader alternative investment landscape through various educational initiatives. Interns are included in company events, and are treated like full-time members of the Graham community. While we cannot guarantee full time future positions to our interns, we have hired interns in the past and are always looking for talented individuals who can add value to the firm’s efforts.